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General Rules

Post by Usaku-Chan on Fri Jun 12, 2015 6:34 pm

General Rules

  • Warns and bans will, unfortunately, be required anyway. They are handed out at moderator/admin's discretion. The offenses that may cause your warning level to be raised OR a ban can be; language, plagiarism, spam, hacking, porn links/images, etc.
  • The entirety of OOC (Out Of Character) can be followed from the general site rules. Don't be obnoxious to other members, don't make the site an unpleasant place to chill, and we can keep the community pleasant without having to put on the mod pants and start talking about warnings and bans.
  • Swearing is a touchy subject amongst a lot of people. Keep in mind that swearing in general is not edgy; but be very light and try and refrain from using it, but if you intend to make full use of this stipulation, some of the younger members, as well as those who are simply not comfortable with excessive swearing, would likely prefer that you leave a warning somewhere in the topic title or description.
  • Everything you do and post on LW & SKP must abide by the Terms of Service.

Project Rules

  • As a general rule of thumb, I would prefer everyone to enjoy their time looking at each of the projects we're working on. For this, we would like for you to stay in topic and to not change the direction of the conversations about it.
  • No over-use of Emoticons!! This is a big one. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd prefer to read a good block of text that makes sense and relates well tot eh topic at hand. I do NOT want to see:
    OMG!!1!!!111  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  This is EPIC!!!!  Exclamation  Exclamation  Exclamation  Exclamation  Exclamation  Exclamation  Exclamation  lol!                      Keep Going Gyz!!!
    *ahem* THAT is what i DON'T want to see on here... EVER!!!
  • IF You are going to criticize something, Please give a great deal of effort into the reason why you think something is good or bad. i don't want to see flame wars going on. If you have a reason why you believe This or that is good, let us know, if you think this or that needs some work, let us know in a polite and understandable way. If there is criticism that begins to a flame war, both (or all if more join in) parties (regardless of who started it) will be punished.

These will be added to and updated again soon!
UPDATED- 15/6/15

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